Sustainability at JHPS

Welcome to the John Henry Primary School Sustainability Page.

Acknowledgement of Country

We respect, honour and acknowledge the traditional owners of the land we work on, the Bunurong People and pay our respect to Elders past, present and emerging.

At John Henry Primary School, staff and students act as positive role models to encourage our wider community to live sustainably, respect the environment and make responsible choices towards reducing ecological footprints. John Henry Primary School strives to be a leader within its community to promote the importance of a healthy environment and sustainable practices.







Why Sustainability?

I wanted to help save the planet by educating and influencing the school community. I also wanted to help new generations live cleaner and happier lives.

Protecting the planet by learning from our past mistakes.

Stop coral reef bleaching, Reduce climate change and protecting the environment because this is the only planet that mankind can live on so far.


Nature inspired me and what is happening in the ecosystem! I wanted to be a sustainability leader ti help the environment.

If there wasn't such a thing as sustainability earth would be dying (In my opinion) As plastic goes in out water it kills our marine sea life leaving reefs dying.

I would like to eliminate plastic bottles and use bamboo bottles instead. Re-using materials such as plastic, cardboard and paper.


I wanted to be a sustainability leader because I care about the environment.

Sustainability is important to me because I love nature and the environment.

I think we could with our veggie garden we could when all the vegetable are ready to pick maybe we could do a market and sell the vegetables.


I wanted to become a sustainability leader because the idea of being able to protect the environment was really fascinating to me.

Being more sustainable could be much better.

I would like a Green Club to be made in the future.


The reason I decided I wanted to become a sustainability leader was that… I had always believed in caring and looking after the environment.

Sustainability is important to me because it in a few years time I want the sky’s to stay blue and the grass to be a healthy green.

In the future I would like the JHPS community to have more soft plastic bins in the school and also have things like bird houses.


The reason I decided to join sustainability is that nature has always been something I've been passionate about.

Sustainability is important because it helps the natural environment.

I would like JHPS to do an emu bob every fortnight.